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Our team of experts can help you market your company in all kinds of ways.  Here is a brief list of what we offer.  Please contact our office for further information.

  • Newsletters
    • The number one key to success is - staying in touch with your client!  We know that it takes resources and money to create a regular newsletter.  So we've made it easy for you by designing a newsletter that you can send to your customers.  Choose from a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plan.  We've written the articles and negotiated vendor advertising and specials.  Simply provide your logo and database to our printer and your customers will be thrilled to receive your newsletter!  If you wish to write a personal note, there is a place for that too!
  • Marketing Plan
    • A marketing plan for the year will put you on track for increased sales.  Let us work with you to create a plan and then we'll help you follow through with each deadline.
  • Presentations
    • PowerPoint presentations make an impressionable difference when done professionally, regardless of the speaking ability of the presenter.  Right Choice will create your presentation to your specifications - or improve an existing one.
  • Event Planning
    • We will plan your client event or travel show down to the tiniest detail.  Just make sure you are there to reap the rewards that having your clients' undivided attention can bring you. 
  • Database Strategy
    • Right Choice database experts will help you to make the most of your customer base.  We will help you to obtain the most important information and keep it stored in an effective and maintainable manner. Your best customer is the one you already have, so keeping their profile current is vital to your business.



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